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Sunday, July 19, 2009

TinyCraft's Tiny TV Video Tutorials and Information

Many people do not yet realize that on my website I have a whole bunch of how to videos as well as videos containing lots of wonderful eye candy to help inspire you and your muse to create using a variety of craft methods. Everything from A-Z crafts. If you do not yet see it there I can assure you things are on the way. I have been working on listing these videos in my YouTube channel play lists to my public for a few years now. I only add the very best of what you will want to see and or hear.

Just to give you a small sample of what I have there...currently I have up the following types of videos for your enjoyment:
83 Doll Houses and Miniatures (not clay) videos
15 Doll Videos
36 Beading Videos
21 How Things Are Made Videos
21 How To Draw Videos
13 videos for Molding and Casting
20 Videos for Other Clay Sculpts
60Paper Tutorial videos
187 Polymer Clay How To Videos
72 Polymer Clay Sculpting Videos
...and many more for ceramics, crochet, knitting, painting and miscellaneous things you just might find useful.

TinyCraft's Tiny TV Video Tutorials and Information

Or here is the actual link in case the link above does not function for you.

Grab a Cup-O-Joe and or your other favorite beverage of choice and plan to stay for a while.


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