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Monday, July 20, 2009

H2o Gardens Disappearing Waterfall

Okay this is a craft that I just had to blog about. One reason is I myself have 2 (Two) water ponds for our 6 turtles that outline my front walkway near the entrance of our home. Also because its an art form that may not get the recognition as so. It takes creative ability as well as the knowledge of gravity when it comes to water flowing up or down. Also if your going to build a water garden pond to house fish and or other aquatic life, you should know what your going to put in and what you will need for each square foot of water so you have the correct depth and height for your needs.

This is my brother's disappearing waterfall. I believe it was taken outside of his home in Sarasota Florida. The little helper is my Nephew Brandon. I thought they did a beautiful job of setting up the video to show how they started and how easily they accomplished such a beautiful and serene water feature outside their home, that they, their family, friends, neighbors and outside wild life and elements can now enjoy. What a nice upgrade to their home as a pond and or fountain can increase the value of your home.
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