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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello October

I have been quite busy as life has its ways of making me work harder than I want and then there is the new things I am always trying to accomplish. I know I am a little late saying Hello to October since were almost already in the middle of it now, but my blog needs an update.

This month is my favorite month of all. Not only does it contain 5 each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but its of course the month that ends with my favorite holiday Halloween. I know being a Witch must have its benefits, but for me its just a way to express my inner child and Witch and not be looked at like I need to be baker-acted and or just thrown into some padded cell somewhere for nutting up (insert laughing). The Witch's Ball is taking place as it always does down here October 31st and I can't wait to attend. Bringing my wonderful hubby along and perhaps we will see things neither of us have ever before been able to witness. Pictures and more to come as the night quickly creeps closer.

Been on Facebook allot more these days, which is why I have not been posting as much here on my blog. Seems everything I do online, see and especially click on Like for is shared right there for my 1280+ friends to see. I love the internet and networking, its made my life easier in some ways and complicated things in others, like the lack of updating my blog or my website which is in a long awaited need of a major overhaul. My change over of computers to the New Windows 7 left me virtually unable to use programs that I had been and updating my site(s) has been put aside and time is never on my side to make a quick fix, or any fix for that matter.

Went on a Michale's Crafts Haul the other day, thanks to Hubby. Thanks also to the person who left both the Michale's and AC Moor's sales papers within a basket and fled the building. I was able to get a neat carousel of glass seed beads with tools, for 50% off the regular price of $27.99 thanks tot eh Competitors coupon and Hubby was able to get me the new Walnut Hollow Clay Extruder set for 40% off the regular price of  24.99 with the store coupon. A nice day of savings! Got some clay as it was 4 for $5. Not the prefered sale price of 99 cents but better than $2.49 and up since I prefer Premo which is slightly more expensive than the others. I got some sand art packs with various colors of sand for only 40 cents that will make nice colored sugar and such for minis, I got some Jewelry findings like split rings and French ear wires for hanging off my mini Flip Flops and other charms, and a neato tic-tac-toe dice game for only $1.29. I am expecting to have time to play with hubby ya know.

Now on top of all these things I have been doing and wanting as well as needing to do I have recently wanted to donate some of my charms to a wonderful organization that seeks to help people who wish to have Weight Loss Surgery and can not afford it or get their insurance to cover it for them. I met a wonderful lady on YouTube whom I am subscribed to and I recently found out she is going to be the 1st grant receipient to get the surgery she has been waiting years and years for. Her twin sister another wonderful YouTuber had the surgery and for whatever reason with the same insurance she was continually denied it. I am so happy for her I can not even describe my joy. The organization is the Wight Loss Surgery Foundation of America.

My mother had Rue-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery April 14th 2004 and she is a skinnier much healthier person today. She lost more than 250 pounds thanks to the procedure and I recommend it for anyone who has issues with whats referred to as morbid obesity. I can remember for years my mother trying to lose weight with all the televised and traditional methods but never getting approved for the later which she finally had the health-care that would approve and pay for it for health reasons. Now years out from surgery and having had lost all the weight she has skin and vanity issues because not long after they performed the surgery the health-care she had been receiving was no longer being accepted by the doctors who worked on her and cared for her pre-op and through only a few months post-op. Organizations such as the WLSFOA if even more exist need help and donations.  I can not afford money but if I can sell my crafts and give a portion of the proceeds made from the sales to the organization then I can help.

So this is what I have been up to. I need to work on getting my etsy shop opened with an item or two to sell from there, and work on trying to get the word out about my crafts and creat8tions. Facebook will be a huge help, but I know my blog needs to be more a part of the process also. I need a fresh look of the blog, fresher look and update of my site, and all in all I need energy and time to pull it off LOL

Thanks for taking the time to read my update and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to send them my way.

~Tiny Hugs~
Andrea "Cre8"