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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bacon Salt - My Quest to help my Hubby & I make Helathier Choices

Hello Craft-Stalker fans, I have to first appologize for not posting in quite a long time now. I have gone through a few changes with work that has me putting in more hours at work than there are in a normal day and I have also transitioned into a NEW Quad Core PC with the new Windows 7 and man has it been a mission to learning something new!

Hubby had been feeling very poorly in the last year or more and with no healthcare insurance and not allot of money coming in you just dont visit with a DR as much. He finally broke down and spent $140 for a doctor to have a look and see what might be the trouble....

The weight has always been an obvious issue, however the headaches he was getting in the last few months were enough to make him almost want to kill, I had to insist he find out what may be causing it. Not having issue swith allergies or anything in the past is not a good exscuse to even consider that being older and old age taking its toll can be a factor.  What we may have been able to get away with when we were younger is quickly becoming rather apparent that were can no longer get away with it...its time we take control of what we allowed to spiral way out of control over the course of our 39-46 years of live here. CHANGE IS GOOD, so why not start with DIET...we will work on the excesize part later...lets take on 1 thing at a time for now.

So Doc suggests hubby go on a DASH diet. I immedietly think Mrs. Dash and with good reason, its uses throughout many different kinds of diets where LO SODIUM is the recommendation and taste is a desire many of have when thinking about eating, but who don't care for when its absent from what we choose to put into our mouths.