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Monday, July 27, 2009

Drink Can Tinwork - Nice Recycle How To

Safety This project makes use of very thin sheet metal that is likely to have sharp, jagged edges and is prone to springing back.
Great care should be taken to avoid injury.
This project probably isn't suitable for children - and certainly not without supervision.

I see many possibilities with this one. I already have been using the aluminum cans to cut shapes from paper punches and I make plates and bowls, miniature prep boards etc.., I can imagine the Nice miniature trays and items that can be made using recycled cans.

Try taking the following tutorial and putting your own twist on it. Punch holes in the sides of the box and create a nice candle burner that will illuminate the light of the pattern of the holes you have punched into it.
Create a Jewelry set using the tame pattern you create on the box and include it as a gift box set.

Atomic Shrimp - Drink Can Tin work


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