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Monday, July 6, 2009

Making Your Own Parrot Toys - Video

I saw this and had to post it. For one YouTube is performing some maintenance now and so I was unable to successfully add this video to my play list. Its certainly worth watching for anyone who is owns pets. Its a craft and I know of a few people of make allot of money with their hobby as well as save allot of money being able to make great toys for their fine feathered friends. This lady knows her stuff about parrots and their toys, I felt she is certainly worth a listen.

Now I own a beautiful parrot Chico. This is my Chico. Just like the parrot in the background of the following video he is a Quaker and very intelligent. He loves chewing on a nylon strap I have on his cage to secure the door so he does not escape since he knows how to undo the latch on his cage and open the door. I would allow him his own choice of escape had I not had cats and curious large doggies around. I have one of those more desired metal rings that you spin a little loop either open or closed and its needed to fasten the door that holds his water dish from being tossed off the cage as he knows how to do. I was happy to happen upon this video and I now know of a few containers and some beads I can use to make a nice toy or two for him to help keep him busy.

Anyone who knows birds knows some of them can go through toys at an alarming rate. Weather your a bird owners or if you have friends with birds you can make some great gifts, so enjoy!

If the video above does not play please try this link below.

YouTube - making your own parrot toys

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