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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Look what I won - June Baby Challenge

My June Baby Challenge Drawing prize came in from Tantie of Tanties Miniatures. She had volunteered the prize for the month in my miniatures group Miniatures Collectors Club on Yahoo. It was a fun challenge and I did it for the fun and to challenge my own abilities, not for the prize but boy was I surprised to have won something when my name was chosen from a hat.

In all fairness for a challenge the prize was won with a name being selected from a hat. Only those who participated had their name added to the hat. Each month a new member has volunteered to send a prize. Its a very nice gesture and one I certainly am appreciative for.

Tantie was wonderful in doing just this, and now as a result I have a beautiful miniature clothes pins hanging bag for my future laundry scene. Its complete with 3 tiny wooden clothes pins that have been stained. Such detail in such a tiny creation.

Tantie is a GSOLFOT miniaturist artisan. If you are not familiar with GSOLFOT it is a group of miniaturists whom have become quite well known in the miniature world as being quite creative for what they can do in miniature as well as bringing a wilder side to miniatures. GSOLFOT stands for GREEN SOCK ON LEFT FOOT ON TUESDAY. Its never made any sense to me just seeing or reading it aloud, however if my memory serves me correctly I believe they tell you what its all about from their website. A new miniaturist Noni came up with it just making a comment about people signing her guest book on her photo site.

Tantie MacTier and Mike Mirealt of Tanties Miniatures are in Montreal, Quebec Canada and can be reached by appointment only. Any information you may wish to obtain to get in touch with Tantie or Mike please let me know and I will be happy to provide you with her email and or contact number you could call her. She does not have a website but she does have a WebShots account of her miniatures at . Enjoy!

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Andrea "Cre8"
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  1. Noni here! Yep I started the GSOLFOT club for the people who were a little too off the wall for "normal" clubs lol and here we are many years later, one of the most infamous internet miniature clubs in the world. Which makes me very proud. Thank you for the mention.
    Noni The Oz GSOLFOT