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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Steampunk What! Just what is the hype all about?

This is one of those subjects I just can not get off my mind no matter what I have tried. Have you ever felt like you are reborn and lived many past lives in which sometimes things just come naturally to you and or you are drawn to them as if they had a part in your past? This is exactly that for me and while I still have yet to share in my crafty ways of what I can produce on my own from my recollections, I continue to sketch out ideas in mind of what I would like to create one day.

I have blogged about Steampunk (Speculative Science Fiction) previously as well as it seems for me to just keep coming up in everything I do and see. I have yet to share anything I have created in my past as many of the things created I had given as gifts and or donated to charitable causes. Never thinking my muses version of art at that time might become as popular as it is quickly becoming in this day and age.

I found that it was a period back in the early 1900's that was a literary genre, where authors wrote speculative stories about what could have occurred if the information revolution had happened a century earlier in the middle of the Victorian era (Often England), my favorite of all the eras in time.

Now to take you further into the incredible journey of exactly what is this thing many all now refer to as Steampunk I thought it would be great to show you through books and or movies you may remember. Nothing brought more insight to me to this era until I looked into this whole steamy thing that's got me so worked up just like those steam engine machines back in their day than when I remembered Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. IMHO (in my humble opinion) probably the most defining steam machine movies ever to be made, and more than likely the first literary author to start this whole Steamy thing in the first place. However other authors did follow in Verne's foot steps like H.G. Wells who wrote "The Time Machine" and who was known along with Verne's as "The Father's of Science Fiction". Adding to the list of inventors of machinery from that time period is Charles Babbage "The Father of the Computer", no it was not Bill Gates, it was Mr. Babbage who originated the concept of a programmable computer called the Analytical engine. Later other authors like Mark Twain and Mary Shelly added their own technological science fiction to the shelves of many libraries.

Long before it was even called Steampunk in the 1950's Disney came out with a number of movies that captured the essence of this style. In fact the term "Steampunk" did not come about until 1987 when it was used as a tongue in cheek variant of cyberpunk.

In my search for for additional movies and or content to list and or write about I found a blog for all to enjoy. It to can also give great insight to this past time and give you some inspiring eye candy for your own muse.

Additionally here is a video that could have saved me allot of typing LOL

Steam Machines, Steam Airplanes, Steam Ships, Steam Vessels & Heat Engines, whatever you refer to them as, they are now in this era referred to as Steampunk (see also Dieselpunk and or Retro-futurism) and its taking off into the art world like a virus and I certainly caught it bad. I hope you do to after reading this blog post from me.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did gathering the information to post it for you. Look for my next post on Steampunk materials to use in your art and where you can purchase some online for your own Steampunk art.

Cre8ively Yours
Andrea "Cre8"

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