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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Steampunk Vintage Watch Movement Ring - From Kevin Lindholm

It finally arrived. My 1st steampunk piece made by someone other than myself. This is a ring I posted about bidding on and winning off eBay last week. I wanted to get it first before posting anything about it. Well I have it now and I am ready to blog blog blog about it. Which reminds me I need to leave excellent feedback for this seller/artist.

First off the seller is scurved His name is Kevin Lindolm. I wish to add that I feel I stole this ring from him. I really do feel this way, its a beautiful piece of wearable art and I jumped into the auction at the last minute bidding and winning it for only $1.75 cents including shipping. I also want to add that the postage shows on the outside of the envelope as well as the delivery confirmation which was purchased. This artist/seller paid more for shipping this ring to me than I paid for the ring.

So my way of trying to pay this person back is to blog about it, and hope that my followers see what a nice piece of wearable art this is I received. Not only this but perhaps this person made a customer for life. I would certainly look to them as a seller on eBay or anywhere to see what they have in the event I needed to purchase a gift for someone.

One of the things I realized in what has happened here is this:

Some auction sites like eBay and most certainly on Etsy allows you to search for items by price range. Lowest price to highest, or highest to lowest. When you add an item with a low starting bid you get noticed. I have seen and heard on Etsy of people listing items for only 20 cents. When you know that is the cost to list that item alone, you wonder how can one list an item so low. Well its the price that the artist pays for advertising, because while you just found them because of their 20 cent listed items you will more than likely look around their store and see their items which yield a higher dollar amount for their purchase. Its a marketing tactic being used now since there are so many sites out there now which allow you an easy to set up store venue where you can unload your creations and supplies. ArtFire unlike eBay will allow you to set up a store and link to your outside website(s) and other stores, blogs, twitter account, etc..

So bottom line here is I am so so very happy with this ring. Its got lots of neat gears and even has jewels in it. It is not scratched or damaged in any way and I am really amazed at the quality of the watch movement itself, I love this ring!!! It also came in a very nice new red velvet ring box. Perfect for gift giving and ready to be given as soon as its received from Kevin in Fresno California.

Cre8ively Yours
Andrea "Cre8"
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