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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Polymer Clay Bytes! - Tina Holden's Beadcomber: Polymer Clay Box or Tile Legs Tutorial

Okay so today thanks to this wonderful online thing called Twitter... I was able to follow a new artist who not only caught my attention for her wonderful and creative abilities but later just prior to finishing up my short but happy visit to her blog, I found she is a very generous artist who shares how she makes some of her beautiful things with all the rest of the crafters of the World.

Why did I not stumble upon her site sooner. Thanks to Cindy Lietz the Polymer Clay Tutor ( Web: Twitter: ) and her Tweet about Tina Holden ( Web: Twitter: )I found her. Thanks once again Cindy!

In this tutorial Tina used a small CD to create a wonderful decorative stand for her crystal ball. You could use this stand for candles, incense, or just to display anything you wish to. Its beautiful and a wonderful way to use up those old CDS and DVDs you have no use for anymore. If you are thinking that you can not bake CD's in your oven, think the low manufactured recommended temperatures that are in place for Polymer Clay you can cover a CD and bake it without issues. To top it off there are lots of things you can use feet for and using her method while not uniquely her own as I have seen it used many times before, her tutorial shows you in a nice easy to understand and see way she gets hers done. Enjoy!!!!

Polymer Clay Bytes! - Tina Holden's Beadcomber: Polymer Clay Box or Tile Legs Tutorial

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  1. You are very welcome Andrea! Tina does do some beautiful work. Glad you like her site. I am enjoying Twitter and all that is shared there myself. Isn't this bloggy world a great way to connect?! ~Cindy Lietz