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Monday, June 8, 2009

What Makes it Tick? An Oddity of Tiny Steampunk Facination

Odd Fae does it again with a beautiful time piece pocket watch where she encased one of her little odd polymer clay sculpted creations within. He wears a clock sprocket over his heart, and his goggles are made from tiny brass tubing and clock parts. The eyes are made of onyx, and she uses the finest to give it color and make this tiny one almost seem to be alive inside.

Steampunk Oddfae by ~oddfae on deviantART

I am in love with steampunk and yesterday while in Michael's Crafts I noticed many things now that are for the style. From clock parts to golden wings, keys and locks, springs and sprockets. Even beautiful focal beads and charms all that would make great past time pieces. Many aged bronze and copper items that just fit. Look for more on this steampunk stuff from me, I love it

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Andrea "Cre8"


  1. He is just the creepiest little thing, ain't he?! Oddfae is an incredibly talented artist! She really understands the whole Steampunk genre. Very unique! ~Cindy Lietz

  2. Thanks for your comment Cindy, and your very right , he is creepy but in an incredibly cute way (smiles)

    Oddfae is very talented and one of the artists I find myself going back to look to see what she has created next
    with visits to her site often. You just know her work when you see it and thats refreshing for any artist to have that signature touch on their art. I am in love with steampunk!