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Friday, June 12, 2009

What Is On My Craft Work-Table

Currently I am working on a few things that has been keeping me grounded. Anyone who knows crafts and hobbies can tell you having something you love to do can really help take your mind off things in the real world, and definitely can help you to relax.

I get the most of my relief from stress by crafting and working with polymer clay. I never knew such joy in my creativity than with polymer clay and now I am addicted to bending and twisting wire.

The jewelry I have been creating is beautiful and I now dress in style, everyone wants to know where did I get that? I am happy to tell them I made them myself, my husband is quick to tell them I made it and I couldn't be happier with my artistic abilities than I am when I am wire wrapping my polymer clay beads and making wearable art everyone seems to love.

Its a wonderful feeling to know my husband thinks so much of my creations that he finds ways to play with my jewelry while were out in public so that he basically is pointing things out to others when he is doing it. Just last night at a restaurant when the waitress was taking our order he grabbed my hand and started to play with my chunky square rose bead ring that I wire wrapped with copper wire to fasten it as a wearable design I could comfortably wear on my middle finger (The fattest one on my left hand).

The waitress complimented the ring and asked me how I was able to make those flowers in the glass like that. I felt so good telling her it was not glass but polymer clay. She was amazed and said she would certainly wear that. It would have ended up a nice tip for her but in these time money pays bills not nice jewelry and I love my ring and really did not want to part with it, not just yet anyway.

Wire wrapped polymer clay beads made from rose cane slices from the very 1st real flower cane I ever made from taking a class taught to me by Jane Zhao .

The green gem was one I found with a few others inside a Chinese Bamboo plant I purchased for hubby for Valentines day. Apparently they put in a handful of these cut glass looking gems in with other stones to make a drainage system for the plant inside a decorative planter. They were pre-drilled with holes in them when I fished them out of the planer so I was able to wire wrap it with ease. The results are a beautiful focal piece to be worn with my other polymer clay beads, wire cage beads, metal chains, cord, black satin ribbon, pearl strand or anything else that just might go with it as it appears that just about everything would look great with it.

I made some pillow beads which are more squared then puffed like a pillow but I did make some puffed pillow beads that are a bit smaller so I wanted these shown above to look more squared and less pillow like. I wired them with copper wire and joined them all with copper jump rings I made myself.

I don't have the package to the copper wire I had used so I am not sure of the exact gauge wire it was, but I can tell you that it was soft and I feel the jewelry looks good but not everything you see would be as sturdy pieces as I would have liked for them to be. I know if I wear them I will be very careful, but I know for future pieces I create I will use stronger wire that is less likely to come undone on you.

Additionally I have made the altered book you see. The cover of the book was tiled using polymer clay tiles I created from scrap clay and Dap Dynaflex230 Window and Door Molding Premium Elastometric Latex Sealant (Caulking) in Brilliant White for the grout. The lettering are tiny letters sold for decorating fingernails. Then the whole thing was coated with Mod Podge Gloss - Lustre. The center was left untiled and I painted it with copper acrylic paint and bordered with real copper wires cut to size. The inside of the book is not complete.

Little baby is for the Miniature Collectors Club monthly on-going challenge for June.

Cre8ively Yours

Andrea "Cre8"


  1. Your work looks fantastic! I love the wire wrapped polymer jewelry pieces!

  2. Thanks so much for the creative input, it inspires me to keep making these things.