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Sunday, August 2, 2009


This is a neat tutorial on how to make photo beads. Here shown in the tutorial is a bracelet however there are many other items you can make from these same type of beads. All you need is some images you can resize, some clear - see through (Non iridescent) marble 1/2's from the floral department of Wall-Mart or other home department or craft store. These are like mini magnifiers.

You need a printer for your computer to print out your resized images and glue one of each of the images to each one of each of the 1/2 marbles. Make beads with Fimo, Sculpey or other polymer clay and fasten a marble 1/2 with photo hot glued to the flat bottom on top of the clay bead. Fasten with clay.

Air dry clay I am sure can be used since there is no need to bake it, however I think that using a glue gun glue to glue the images to the marble 1/2 which is recommended as this type of glue because it will not yellow when being heated (Good tip to know). The curing process does something as it reheats and re-melts the glue so I believe there are no bubbles in the finished and cured bead.

Tips from Cre8:
Use different colors for you beads.
Try using cane slices.
Try making lentil swirl beads and then applying the 1/2 marbles with the images to make the beads.

They suggest making pins, magnets, key chains and other neat items. How about making a pen with a fat end tapering to a thin end of the pen and on the back (fat end) add a 1/2 marble with the image under it to the tip.


Cre8ively Yours
Andrea "Cre8"

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