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Monday, August 10, 2009

Cookie Cutters - Where To Buy

Great online source for Cookie Cutters for use with any kind of clay, fondant or just cookies. Many different sets and shapes. The single cutters are not priced to high and there seems to be a nice selection of mini cutters. I love the maple leaf.

Additionally I went stumbling cookie cutters and found some very unusual ones.

WARNING****The following link is to some adult cookie cutters. If you have young ones do not click to this next link when they are around and or if you yourself feel you may be offended by suck content. Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters $40 US is a bit much. I would resort to making my own just because I would be embarrassed to buy something like that LOL (Cre8)
NOTE*The rest of the following links are okay for everyone's viewing pleasure and enjoyment:
Here you can purchase kits or just the aluminum strips for making your own using the methods you have seen the others to create your own shapes.
Here are some adorable cookie cutters called ABC cookie cutters. Already Been Chewed, just check them out for yourself if you dont believe me. I think they are adorable.
NOW this has to be the Mecca of Cookie Cutter sites to buy from. In my opinion you would need no other....OMG (Oh My Gawd) Cookie Cutter Heaven. more than 700 remarkable cookie cutters (in their words) YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! This site claims to have the Worlds Largest Collection of Cutters. They have lots of mini cookie cutters and claim that if you dont see it you can ask for it.
I could not see how to shop this site though. Perhaps someone else attempting to find out more for their own needs will be more successful than I was in my attempts. They do look like some real nice copper cutters.
Here is a place for cookie cutters and anything cake decorating related who deal internationally and are based in the UK:
Another site for cutters and other cake decorating tools and based internationally in the UK: They have a huge store if your ever in the area.
Grahams Cutters has all kinds of cookie cutters and molds. The metal ones can be found here: Nice selection of mini cutters. Look like they come in mini tins for safe keeping.
Okay I think I did enough stumbling for the night. Time for bed to rest my cre8ive head. I am off today, have a new chaise lounger to pick up for my craft studio and its back home for a clay play date with hubby.
Hope you Enjoyed!
Cre8ively Yours
Andrea "Cre8"

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