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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello a New Year and now 2011 - Happy St. Patty's Day To The Irish Folks!

Its been forever since I have blogged. I had allowed Facebook to get the best of me and let my guard down thinking that was all I needed to allow my followers a way to see what I have been up to lately. I WAS WRONG!!! While it may be a great way to keep in touch with family, friends and all you wonderful followers, they are always making changes and its driven me away from them. I am now back to concentrating on making video tutorials and linking to those tutorials from my blogs. There may be more than one way to skin a fish but I have to say Facbook lately is not the way I will choose.

Now I have my own website at however it requires constant updating due to many people I had linked to over the years who offered free tutorials, printables and lots of great free information but who apparently did not know a thing about proper web etiquette when it came to creating at lest a 404 error page or redirection link to their main page or other website when removing pages those links once pointed to. The result has been a mess of my website with allot of broken links or no longer hosted sites and thus their tutorials and information. I have to make time to redesign my site completely. Not an easy task since I now have Windows 7 which no longer supports the once used FrontPage which I knew well and loved to edit and create my website. Learning something new just has not been in my schedule, not the one I have been allowed anyhow.

So I am back to trying to maintain my time to fit this into the many other things I am trying to do. After all its in my best interests that I do as I not only have my own websites to design and maintain but some of you may know I do so for a few others. I have and, one of which is in desperate need of editing. There is not much time left, and I should not put it off any longer. Jane my Sincerest apologies, I hope after my taxes are done I can get to the learning of the new program and get your site redone, rather than updated.

For those of you who have seen my online tutorials on YouTube who may be saying, "well she seems to have time to make videos, edit them and upload them to YouTube", well your right, I can do all that while working as I have a job that enables me to be on the computer, have time to do things on the side that don't require much thinking like taking pictures of painting nail design steps on finger nails and editing those pictures to create the videos you see. I then while taking care of customers on the phone can be uploading those videos to YouTube so they can be seen. Hard work but easy to be done while working, while learning a new editing program has posed to be a big problem for me. Just when I am reading up on something and trying to brush up on my new web editing skills, my phone rings and I am called away, into something way convoluted and confusing as it is and then I am expected to find my place again where I was with teaching myself this new program. NOT FUN! I will get though all this through, I can assure you of that.

OKAY so that is all I wanted to tell you all. I hope you have not given up on me. I have some great video tutorials coming for some polymer clay creations and I will be sure to update you all when I have them where you can view them online.  My YouTube channel for anyone who wishes to know is and my Facebook is

Thanks for being a loyal follower and friend.
~Hugs~ Andrea "Cre8"

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