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Monday, September 7, 2009

Multi Colored Skinner Blend - Instruction Discussion

The questions was asked in one of my polymer clay message groups, how can you cut the clay for making a multi colored skinner blend so it will fit in the pasta machine from left to right (side to side) Horizontally.

Well I just happened to have made a multi colored skinner blend the other day. I figured I would just have to cut my clay smaller to accommodate the maximum width I could achieve within the allowance of the guides in my pasta machine (Atlas Mercado). Approximately 5 + 3/4". Everyone says 6" but its really not.

With a skinner blend you want to keep folding your rolled out clay up over top of itself, keeping the like colors vertically (up/down).

Like most new teachers who try to teach things in a hurry I left out the most important sample to show you by not taking a picture of the blend when it was complete.

However I did take a picture of the plug I made from the blend I had created. (See image on Left)

This is really a good way to condition many colors at once. As soon as you have made your skinner blend you can fold it like a brochure and then run it through on a thinner setting on your pasta machine to get a long strip of all the colors of clay.

You can fan fold it like I did in the image above, before creating the plug you see. You can choose to cut each colors at their end before its blend into the next color and just use the colors on their own now all conditioned for you and ready to use.
Here I just rolled out the plug above and was making it into a long snake. I later used it as a chop and toss Natasha Mix I made rainbow beads with my new bead roller sets from Poly-Tools.
I will show those off in a later blog post when I have finished polishing/sealing them.
Hope you enjoyed this demonstration!
Cre8ively Yours
Andrea "Cre8"

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