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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ain't That Purdy Make Your Own Tombstone - Video Tutorial

Here is my favorite You Tube entertainer Zipster as a very funny character called Loco Mama. She.. he will show you how to make these awesome looking tombstones for your Halloween decorations. Use them for your lawn, doorway or turn your home into a cool spooky house for a party.

Well with any holiday or occasion you could use these same tips to make other lawn ornaments and signs. I was thinking the stork for a new baby, baby shower. Cakes, bears and other characters for a birthday or special celebration. How about creating a complete Circus scene for someones very special day.

The following video is sure to cause you extreme laughter and possible cramps or soreness in your stomach and or cheeks. Andrea "Cre8", and or our current or future sponsors or affiliates can be held liable for your liking and or becoming addicted to the creator of such entertaining comedy. May not be appropriate for all ages however I would rate it PG.

If the video above does not play click on the following link:
YouTube - LOCO MAMA's Ain't That Purdy "Tombstone Edition"

*Personal Disclaimer* This is an actual tutorial meant to teach the viewer how to create something useful and decorative for Halloween. The character depicted in the video is in no way mocking nuns or making fun of any gender or religious sect of people and or making a mockery out of people who may choose to have same-sex relations such as when she refers to the Home Depot as Homo Depot. The Owner of this blog believes that the tutorial itself is useful and is a great method of teaching others how to create something fun. It contains the key elements to qualify as being craft related thus belonging here on this craft blog. She believes also that the character depicted in the video is one she herself truly enjoys and highly recommends the viewing of such character and his/her additional content on YouTube, Subscribe to his channel and enjoy future videos.

***Special note to Zipster AKA Loco Mama" Whom I came to know her him by. I love you Zipster!!! You Go GIRL!!! BOY!!! <3

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